He bought a pistachio car and now he can't open it

He bought a pistachio car and now he can’t open it

Antonio, a 24-year-old man, has denounced a well-known car brand, since after spending all his savings on the purchase of his pistachio-colored car, it can not be opened. “It’s not fair, I have been saving for 18 years to buy a car and now this happens to me.”

The manufacturer claims that there is nothing he can do to fix the problem, because that problem is not under warranty. “The pistachios one, you know … there is always one that is impossible to open,” explained the dealer’s manager. He said he gives alternatives to the buyer, offering him as a solution to toast his vehicle. “Many times the problem is that they are not well roasted, heat can help, I would try that.”

The young man refuses this solution. “I feel a great impotence. Yes, I have a beautiful car, but I can’t enjoy it if I can’t open it. If I had known I would have bought it orange.

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