Oxygen masks deploy midflight after a passenger's fart

Oxygen masks deploy midflight after a passenger’s fart

A flight on American airline – Florida, was forced yesterday afternoon to deploy oxygen masks when they were almost going to land, due to the imprudence of a passenger who did not know how to control his instincts.

A total of 11 people, including passengers and crew, have been treated at the American Airline medical service for dizziness, headache, bleeding and breathing problems: “It was horrible, I thought I was dying. My partner’s mask did not work and we had to share it.”

The plane, a Boeing 737, which has taken off at 16:30 from the Miami International Airport in Florida, there were on board to Julian Presmanes, an spanish man, he was guilty of the facts, who defends himself and said “I resisted as long as possible, I had eaten so much beans . I thought that was going to burst”.

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